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As the leaves turn brown The Sound has turned green, and for the next few weeks we'll be exploring all things WEED. So if you want to read the stories of weed entrepreneurs, watch our feature length documentary, Weed Co, The Branding of Weed and learn about the opportunities that are emerging in the weed category, turn on, tune in and don't drop out.

Email WEED to to request an early screening or presentation.

Some of our projects.

Want some evidence that we can deliver? Here’s some. Let us know if you want to see more. We've got lots as we've been working with some clients from the day we opened.

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What we're good at.

In short, we are very good at connecting our clients with the people that use their products. Putting real life and emotions into the ocean of consumer data, searching for the small details that make a big difference, and doing it in an inspirational way.

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Listen & Learn

At The Sound, we fly around the world talking to people, watching people, listening to what they say, and then turning this into beautiful knowledge and smart strategy. We have a few different ways we tend to do this (although we’re coming up with and adopting new technologies and methodologies all the time, so watch this space. No really, keep watching.)

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Amplifying Brands

The Sound exists to deliver the insight and inspiration to create and build brands. We do this through insightful consumer research and our proprietary innovation processes and brand models. Ironically, unlike our approaches, this paragraph is a bit boring. Now it isn’t. See what we did there?

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Making Noise

So many smart things are said and done that don’t get noticed and hence don’t make a difference. Whether it be a result of confused thinking, lack of a narrative, poor design, over-reliance on academic constructs, or just poor presentation, too much is just ignored. The Sound produces work that is impossible to ignore.

Our Clients.

Every agency web site has to have a page with clients on it. It’s commandment 5 in the agency handbook. We have a few who are shy and won’t let us publish their names. Here are some of the others.

Incredible insights and expertise wrapped up in a dynamic presentation - I could not be happier with the work delivered by the Sound! The Sound (Caroline) did an incredible job delivering the final presentation and the entire team left enthusiastic and eager to start applying everything we learned. Thank you!

Tracey Crane-Laham,Manager, Customer Conversion & Retention

Royal Canadian Mint

The Sound believes in sharing knowledge. If you'd like access to our reports on people, culture and brands and be able to watch our documentaries (and even be invited to an event or two) then simply sign up below. Don't forget to click the 'I consent' button. Thanks!

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