Opportunity Abounds In The Exploding Wellness Economy

The idea of holistic care and the desire to achieve a sense of wellbeing are not new ideas. In fact, cultures all over the globe have been pursuing variations of holistic modalities sine ancient times. However, what has sometimes lurked on the edges of mainstream society has now exploded into a 4 trillion dollar industry globally.*

And the evidence is seen in a massive proliferation of new self care products (Google Bath Bomb videos and you get 39 million hits) and entire industries like ‘wellness tourism’ becoming mainstream (MGM Grand In Vegas, the epicenter of excess, now has wellness suites available!)

At The Sound we love understanding the why behind what’s now… but we also get just as excited to imagine what might be next!

Recently we’ve gotten out our crystal ball and made some bets (some safer than others) on what the new wellness trends percolating on the fringes might be.

Have a read here to see what we shared at our first Friends of The Sound Salon in Chicago, where we got deep understanding the sex appeal of sea vegetables, the art of sound bathing and even learned about the importance of understanding our own microbiomes.

*According to the Global Wellness Institute report in July 2019


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