We are dedicated to engaging brands with people in new and unexpected ways.

We love projects that require genuine strategic brand understanding and the development of truly creative ideas that go beyond the normal, challenge conventions and uncover the hidden why’s that will have real positive impact on business.


In 2006, The Sound was founded in a basement office in Vancouver, British Columbia with a simple purpose: always be smart and never be boring. We had a staff of two, a handful of clients and one wildly ambitious goal: to redefine the world of qualitative research.

But the world isn’t just qualitative and the challenges facing our marketing clients continue to change and grow.  So we integrated documentary filmmaking and editorial design into our process as well as the ability to draw human truths from quantitative data.  Over time we have built a unique team of anthropologists, creatives, analysts, strategists and story tellers that together ensure our work is as inventive and effective as possible.

Now The Sound has six offices in four countries.

We’ve stayed true to our initial idea and pushed the boundaries of research, but also sharpened our product innovation and brand strategy offering because we never only tell the human story, we always link it to our clients business. We now serve as a trusted marketing advisor for clients all over the world… except Antarctica, but we are very open to it!

We still have all the clients we started with, plus a whole bunch more, and we’re still always smart, and never boring.

But we have moved out of the basement!


Everything we do begins and ends with people.

Because people matter.

People are complex, emotional and amazing. Which demands that our approach be complex, emotional and amazing. We understand it’s a privilege to become a part of someone’s life and we take this seriously. We are fearless in our methods to build empathy and understanding.

So we’re people-people.

De-mystifying what people think, feel and do is what makes us tick. We also believe it’s the soul of every good brand on the planet. The key to marketing success. Our goal is not to just deliver transformative results, but results that penetrate a brand right down to its DNA. We do that by telling stories about people in a way that captivates, inspires and delivers seriously awesome results.

Our leadership


The Sound University is the name for our internal training program.
We take training and development so seriously that we are not even allowed to write this section of the website in an irreverent manner.


  • Intensive researcher training and certification (from beginner to advanced level)
  • Brand strategy and product innovation process development education
  • Guest-led presentations and workshops from some of the world’s leading branding and marketing thinkers
  • Off-site experiences designed to inspire us to think about the world in different ways


Just like in real university, you will try to doze off through lectures, fall in love with a fellow student, imbibe a range of things we do not endorse or approve of, and end up in massive debt (sorry, couldn’t help that…)


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