Cultural Insights

September 24, 2021

Exploring Low/No Alcohol Growth in Asia

Low and No Alcohol growth rates in Asia have typically been the same as the West. However, the region’s unique social and cultural context, along with its complicatedrelationship with alcohol,means that the reasons for that growth may not be the same. So what are the unique demands that L/NA is meeting in the market? And what category assumptions should alcohol brands be avoiding to ensure success in the region?

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Arab Lady Making Video Call On Laptop Online In Kitchen

February 10, 2021

Virtual Research 2020: The Loved And Loathed

Virtual methodologies existed pre-COVID, but 2020 forced everyone to go all-in with virtual research. While we’ve been surprised by what we can achieve virtually, we realised there are some things that truly thrive in-person. So, what warrants being back in-person, and what can we continue leaning on virtual tools for? Here’s a rundown of some of what we loved and loathed about virtual research, and how we see things playing out in the future!

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door revealing a red lit room

June 29, 2020

Future-proofing Trends for the Near Term

Why has interest in seemingly random categories like freezers, wine-making kits and gaming chairs skyrocketed during a pandemic? Our homes have quite literally been the only shelter we have from the current storm. However, this new microscopic focus on home is also forcing us to notice where it’s falling short. What’s lacking? The answers to that question will fuel near and long-term opportunities for brands.

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woman touching her lips in front the mirror
Beauty & Wellness

June 20, 2020

The Changing Face of Beauty

Instinctively, one would assume that the world of eyeshadow, lipsticks and face masks would have come to a screeching halt during a global pandemic. However, despite the disruption of global supply chains and lockdown, the beauty industry and the consumer are both adapting.

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