Celebrating Black History Month, Nynena recounts her journey to research and how her compassion for people led her to market research. She then inspires a call to action to Black individuals who are interested in pursuing market research, while also encouraging the importance of inclusivity in advising brands in all areas of marketing.

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Nynena Gaye

Nynena really likes lines (straight, squiggly, connected or disconnected) because of their endless possibilities. This wonder for ‘possibilities’ extends to people and their stories – how they came to be, what drives their decisions, what comes from their decisions, etc. With a keen eye to detail, Nynena exercises both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to echo these human truths. Nynena holds BAs from Loyola University Chicago in Anthropology & Sociology, and Global & International Studies - both of which fuel her interdisciplinary approach to research.

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