The challenge

In the face of past struggles to sustainably fill a global innovation pipeline with fresh, genuinely breakthrough ideas, the leadership team from a driven,  iconic spirits company enlisted us to help them transform their company-wide approach. They see themselves at their best when pushing their boundaries, and we were tasked with setting a strategic, inspiring approach to innovation — and then to fill that pipeline with big, revolutionary, brand-catapulting ideas. 

The approach

To identify key cultural shifts that can inspire long-term innovation, we look for inspiration at the nexus of consumer, culture and category macro trends. We’ll dive into smart secondary research, take a look at syntax and visual codes and cues in the category … and talk to true experts in the space – star bartenders, master distillers and writers in the beverage industry. From there, we develop what we call “dig sites” – macro platforms that are the springboard for a lively day-long Ideation Sprint. The group will build out ideas together and identify the ones with the most energy — which The Sound then optimizes and scrappily pressure tests with consumers. 

The impact

Having such a nimble, iterative approach to innovation leads to ideas that can quickly proceed to creative and product development briefing. Additionally, including a multi-functional team in our Ideation Sprints ensures that the ideas have buy-in … and are based in reality, when you start including representatives from research and development. Along with a slew of inspiring concepts, a new strategic process emerged — one that sets a foundation for the future of innovation at the company that all employees can rally around. 


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The Sound

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