Have you seen a lot of talk about the circular economy but weren’t convinced of the benefits for your brand?

The circular economy is an exciting innovation idea to us at The Sound. Now, thanks to some compelling global market research, the benefits are undeniable.  Making circular principles core to your business will grow revenue, decrease costs, improve brand recognition and increase brand loyalty.

What makes a circular leader, you ask?  Brands that are establishing circularity not merely to look green or to look like good corporate citizens.  The circular leaders are putting circular principles – design out waste, keep materials in use and regenerate natural systems – at the heart of their business.

Stronger brands, less greenwashing. Now that sounds good.

Circurlar Leaders Outperform Rivals_final



Written By:
Lindsey Boyle

Lindsey is Vice President of Consumer Insights at The Sound and has a background in strategic brand marketing at Kraft Foods. She is passionate about the innovation opportunity of the Circular Economy, which means designing out waste, keeping materials in use, and regenerating nature. She helps clients and partners feel confident in the demand for new, regenerative business models because of undeniable benefits for both people and the planet. She loves to mountain bike with her husband, two boys, and big silly dog, and thinks the answer to many of our biggest problems is healthy soil.

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