In 2020, a brewery in Japan saw a 10.4% increase in volume sales of non-alcoholic drinks and an 18.6% drop in beer. Why did this shift occur? Though the ‘Low & No’ Alcohol category growth rates mirror the West, Asia’s unique cultural context means that the reasons for growth may differ. So what are the unique demands that L/NA meets in Asia, and what category assumptions should brands avoid to succeed?


APAC Exploring Low: No alcohol Growth in Asia_v1
Written By:
Shardooli Mann

Shardooli has a Masters in Economics from University College London and has research and moderation experience across various categories, especially in the fields of digital behaviours and media consumption. Having grown up across 5 countries, she loves immersing herself in new cultures and spends her free time researching her next travel destination - preferably a place her Beagle can tag along to!

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