People + Culture

People + Culture

From broad cultural exploration and market sizing to segmentation building or day-in-the-life illumination of real people, always with a focus on opportunities and actions.

Brand + Portfolio Strategy

Brand + Portfolio Strategy

Defining the foundation and objectives. Building a strategy and action plan. Identifying opportunities to evolve and expand.

Innovation + Foresight

Innovation + Foresight

Imagining and designing impactful ideas. From sprints to long term pipelines. Planning for the future. Building the roadmap.


Smart Interrogation

We love a good RFP, RFQ, and even RFI. But it’s often what’s unsaid that matters just as much to project success.

With the real business issues in mind, we work hard to get to the questions that really need answering, the work that will actually make a difference.


Fearless Empathy

We are methodolody-neutral in our quest to uncover the truth. Words, numbers, pictures; we love them all.

But understanding people often requires getting up close and personal. We’ve fearlessly camped, dressed in drag, played football in the rain, and even cleaned


Honest Collaboration

It’s the way we love to work. Internally, we partner across the globe. We apply that collaborative mentality to every project.

We do our best work when our team is an extension of yours and vice versa. No black boxes, no propietary.


Beautiful Simplicity

It’s what happens next that matters. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell compelling stories with data, words, images, and film.

We know how to deliver results that drive action. Provideing inspiration and

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“Superstars! Distilling down a monster of a project into exciting, inspiring and amazing insights and territories that EPC can run with.”

Patricia Lai

Associate Manager, Product Research and Insights at Edgewell Personal Care
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“The Sound have been influential in helping us to understand the competitive landscape of a small category in its early stages of development, and assess its viability for our business. Working with us to establish a macro view of the existing players’ positioning, we were able to assert what worked vs. what hadn’t worked, and understand at a product level how competitors were positioning their offer, right down to specific product composition. Throughout the process, the team were enthusiastic, highly engaged and kept us well-informed as to how the project was progressing. The final outputs were well-received both for their detail and also their presentation, and have served to help us further cultivate an understanding of a developing category. I look forward to working with The Sound again soon.”

Felicity Stevens

Consumer Insight Expert at Nestle Purina Europe
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“The team at The Sound helped illuminate the unknown to us and bring life to new and existing audiences in a way we had never seen before. Using a four-stage research approach, they delivered insights, and a-ha moments to power our strategic thinking, all wrapped into superbly crafted culture bibles. These bibles are now our go-to and provide us with everything we need to know to connect and resonate with our audiences. Aside from the incredible work delivered, they are an amazing bunch of creatively minded and mega-talented people who are an absolute dream to work with!”

Lorna Phillips

Brand Research & Insight Manager
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“The Sound were great thinking partners, providing us with foundational knowledge on new areas we had identified as important but had limited knowledge on how to grow. The work was grounded in deep consumer insight with a strong sense check from subject matter experts to ensure our thinking was also in-line with the latest scientific thinking and future proofed. We are now confident in where and how to play, including where not to play, which is often sidelined. From a day-to-day perspective the team kept us well informed of progress but managed all of the heavy lifting. I look forward to working with the team again in the future!”

Rebecca Lowenthal-Bell

Global Insights & Analytics Manager
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Twinings – JTBD of Live Well

“This work has been foundational to our brand positioning and portfolio strategy thinking. The approach is definitely a breakthrough and the added value The Sound has brought by combining their mastery in data crunching with their strategic thinking and human lens on how to bring some of these motivations to life has been paramount to bringing the UK&I leadership team aboard with the new strategy.”

Anne Collard

Strategy & Insights Director

Google – What Matters Research

“The Sound’s work is a groundbreaking point of view. It provides a fresh POV on a new way to talk about the human value proposition of Google products, particularly machine learning.”

Katie Herskovitz

Research & Insights Manager, Ads Marketing

Quintain – Future of London Living

“The Sound really know their subject. Their ability to apply their knowledge through innovative techniques to a long-established industry has helped us uncover exceptional, totally new opportunities that we simply wouldn’t have identified alone. The outcomes have transformed our brand strategy. Just as important, they’ve also inspired our employees and breathed new thinking into the organization as a result.”



“The Sound has been working with my team on some ground-breaking initiatives across ITV. It is rare to have an agency working so close and share in the work every step of the way. I expect our agency partners to continually come up with new ideas and approaches. What is special about The Sound is that they also challenge our thinking and genuinely help us move the business forward.”

Neil Mortensen

Director of Audiences

Dollar Shave Club – Get Ready Campaign

“Working with The Sound to better understand our consumer and define our brand positioning was very successful. As an extension of our team, they were incredibly collaborative and highly strategic in the best way possible. The Sound challenged us where we needed to be and supported our team in understanding the insights and provided strategic guidance for how to implement them.”

Raechelle Hoki

VP, Brand Marketing, Dollar Shave Club

KeVita Innovation

“The Sound was a fabulous partner for our Innovation Pipeline work. They were out of the box thinkers that navigated blurry & emerging categories and challenged our standard norms. The Sound hung with us through multiple rounds of feedback and iterations, always keeping the consumer insight at the forefront. Their consumer driven work resulted in ideas that had outstanding testing results, and a pipeline of ideas for multiple years to come.”

Theresa Moschella

Sr. Marketing Manager, Kevita