Poole’s Land in Tofino, B.C. has been known as many things over the last 30 years (“ecovillage” and “hippie commune” to being with), but today the 17.5-acre property of Michael Poole is just another piece land that is “up-for-sale” in the development/housing market. This innovative collective was a home and a haven for many of those who had slipped out of the typical, societal “norms” and had come to choose a different way. Years back, The Sound swung by this infamous location and spoke with the residents, to gather some insight on how they came to be there, and why they chose to stay.

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Dave Rees

An editor with over 2 decades worth of experience in the film industry. He has over 60 hours of network television under his belt including Showtime’s ‘The L Word,’ USA Network’s ‘The Dead Zone,’ and ‘Andromeda.’

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