A Craft Sausage Movement

The Project

Inspired by the artisanal craft movement, Aidells Sausage Company approached The Sound to explore the world of craft meat and culinary flavor trends.

The Sound returned to the city that created Aidells to talk with brand lovers and experts in their home “test” kitchens. The sausage enthusiasts embarked on shop-along adventure to secure ingredients to prepare their favourite go-to Aidells meals, and were challenged with mock Iron Chef competitions to feature Aidell’s ingredients that would illuminate and showcase creative expression with the brand.

Even if everything else with the meal goes wrong, I know at least the sausage will be delicious. That’s why
Aidells is worth it.


The Challenge

Aidells challenged The Sound to get a deep understanding of their brand enthusiast to unlock insights that would influence future market plans and brand positioning.

aidells-1 aidells-2 aidells-3

The Solution

The brand gained a clear understanding of the mindset and motivations of the people who were organically drawn to the premium nature of Aidells that continues to influence brand positioning and the product innovation pipeline. Armed with this information they are now successfully targeting consumers with a similar mindset and introducing them to the brand on a national scale.

Turning Old to Gold


Client Love

It is very enlightening to see this work…It is absolutely gratifying to read about and to see these folks talk about their Aidells experience. I love that it will keep us honest, it will inform our ongoing decisions and it will satisfy our curiosity about whether we are delivering to those we want to please the most.

Kerry L Heffernan, Executive Chef - Aidells Sausage Company

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