Driving Core Values

The Project

Premium car brand, Audi, approached The Sound to assist in reframing the brand’s core values and the emotional benefits it uniquely delivers to its drivers in new and surprising ways.

The Challenge

For a fresh perspective on the territory that was occupied by the carmaker, The Sound was challenged to speak with car experts, from dealerships to semioticians and cultural anthropologists to better understand their owners and what made them tick.

audi-1 audi-2 audi-3

Whether you agree or not, the car you drive says something about you.


The Sound visited the homes of loyal Audi owners and got behind the wheel with them to understand the relationship they have with their car and how it influences their daily life.

The Solution

To bring the brand and its benefits to life for our the Audi, The Sound produced a documentary film to showcase these core values which now shape everything the brand does from communication messaging to the design of key consumer touch points.

A Craft Sausage Movement
Aidells Sausage Company, Tyson Foods

Aidells Sausage Company, Tyson Foods

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