It’s Time to Seize The Day!

The Project

Continuing their blockbuster campaign featuring Kevin Spacey, E*TRADE developed a series of new TV spots that they hoped would continue to evolve the voice and tone of their brand.

By conducting a series of groups with active traders, The Sound explored expectations of ads in the financial services industry, impressions of the new and existing spots, and how they delivered against the new strategy “Opportunity is Everywhere.” The Sound’s professional film team then brought the groups to life in an engaging five minute documentary that served as inspiration for E*TRADE’s teams throughout the creative development process.

The Challenge

E*TRADE challenged The Sound to explore the trader psyche, understand the impact that new and existing advertising TV spots may have on the brand, and uncover ways to optimize the campaign to achieve greater engagement with the brand’s customer base.

The Solution

The project illuminated key tensions that traders experience, and how many competitive financial services ads fell short of the traders’ requirement for smart, approachable content. We also explored levels of comprehension, resonance and relevance of their new and existing ads – and discovered how simplicity and humor could appeal to a sophisticated audience. Finally, we explored the impact of Kevin Spacey and Robert Duvall on the ads and perception of the brand as a result of their involvement with the brand.

The documentary film created by The Sound played a significant role in engaging creative teams, bringing the voice of the trader into the room to provide valuable commentary on each of the creative executions. Working together, we helped the financial services brand identify the strongest elements of their new ads, set guardrails for creative communications and shape the strategic direction for the brand’s creative going forward.

Shining a New Light With Diamonds
The Diamond Producers Association & Mother New York

The Diamond Producers Association & Mother New York

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