Meeting the Next Generation of Business Travelers

The Project

One of the largest upscale hotel brands in the world, Crowne Plaza needed to better understand the millennial business traveler to help inform their brand challenger strategy.

The Challenge

Crowne Plaza was at the beginning of a transformation, seeking new ways to position themselves as the challenger brand in business travel. To this end, the team needed to get to know the next generation of business travelers – millennials who look, act and think nothing like the corporate stereotype that has become synonymous with business class.

The Solution

The Sound used its proprietary mobile platform, The Sound Wave, to follow a group of millennial business travelers from all over the world. All of the individuals we followed had either just finished a business-related trip, or were currently in transit, allowing us to document and digest the entirety of their experience alongside them.

By living in the pocket of these travellers, The Sound unearthed rich insights, stories, films and artifacts that inspired Crowne Plaza’s global brand team as they crafted their new challenger positioning. The work quickly went viral throughout the organization, becoming a valuable narrative across the hotel brand and its parent organization.

From Indifference to Difference


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