Putting Soul Into Segmentation

The Project

After recently completing a large quantitative segmentation study, exploring attitudes and usage behaviors of online music listeners, Pandora approached The Sound to help provide a more nuanced understanding of each listener segment to help bring actionability and inspiration to the findings of the initial study results.

What music does…it makes you laugh, it makes you feel good.


The Challenge

Pandora challenged us to help broaden the perspective on who the segments are as people – their values, motivations, hopes, dreams and challenges. Using primary research and a documentary film production, The Sound employed collaborative co-creation work sessions to identify opportunities for Pandora to intersect with the realities of people’s lives.

pandora2 pandora1 pandora

The Solution

Throughout the course of the project, we were able to Identify additional high value segments for Pandora, generating an in-depth understanding about the role of music in people’s lives including their behaviors, motivation and needs. This aided the brand in identifying opportunities for increased engagement within these key segments.

Driving Core Values


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