Turning Old to Gold

The Project

Kerrygold approached The Sound to help evaluate their position across the competitive butter market of the United Kingdom.

As a well-established and respected brand across the nation, Kerrygold strived to maintain their unique heritage while also centering their focus on their quality ingredients.

Butter is like the necklace you put on a black dress; it makes everything
taste better.


The Challenge

Kerrygold challenged The Sound to help inform the brand’s strategic plan for the coming year and shape its five-year vision to increase market share with new customers and loyal brand advocates.

kerrygold-1 kerrygold-3 kerrygold-2


The Solution

As butter is often viewed as a commodity, The Sound challenged shoppers to express a more emotional view of the category which was crucial in identifying how the brand would further position its assets across the competitive landscape. This resulted in the identification of a unique positioning territory and communication strategy for Kerrygold that’s still in the processing of being rolled out.

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Growing Chefs

Growing Chefs

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