From Indifference to Difference

The Project

This 2-market online research project was entirely run using our Sound Wave research tool where participants responded to questions and tasks through text, video and photo responses. As well as asking questions about their behaviours and beliefs, we also sent non-users the product to trial and capture the opening moment on camera so we captured their immediate, implicit response.

This project followed on from a project we ran with Vanish last year, so we built a compelling story incorporating some of the same language and models as last time. With our film team we were also able to highlight some of the key insights with mini-films of our respondents that helped to bring the insights to life.

Peter Harrison, Director, The Sound

The Challenge

To grow Vanish’s penetration by understanding how the brand and category was experienced by users and non-users.

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The Solution

People tell themselves stories about brands and categories that define how they interpret communications and even the product experience itself.  We uncovered the key stories being told by users and non-users and demonstrated how this was influencing interpretation of category communications.  They are using our insights and recommendations as a basis for the communications strategy to help them tell their own story in a more impactful way, and amongst a broader range of customers than ever before.

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Reed Exhibitions

Reed Exhibitions

Client Love

The insights gleaned from this research have been invaluable in shaping the strategic direction of the brand. The findings challenged our hypotheses and provided fresh thinking on a fundamental category challenge. The innovative research design ensured that we had a fresh approach to alter the perspective of stakeholders in the business.

Hamzah Sarwar, Insights Manager

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