What we do for our clients.

Listen & Learn

At The Sound, we fly around the world talking to people, watching people, listening to what they say, and then turning this into beautiful knowledge and smart strategy. We have a few different ways we tend to do this (although we’re coming up with and adopting new technologies and methodologies all the time, so watch this space. No really, keep watching.)

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Sound Live

Our face to face approaches include everything from traditional focus groups to roving interviews; laddering depths to conflict workshops; expert perspectives to ethnography deep dives. What they all have in common is employing techniques and questions that aren’t boring to answer or tedious to watch. And also cheese. We always make sure there is cheese.

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Sounding Board

Our online qualitative research tool is used to build long term and short qualitative communities. We lock real people in virtual rooms and ask them real questions about their lives. In return, they get all honest and detailed about their intimate secrets and behaviours while pretending to be really good-looking and thin. It’s just like social media.

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Sound Wave

Our mobile tool is so new and cute that people try to swap it for their puppy. Unlike a puppy, the Sound Wave allows people to post images, films, and points of view as they wander around the world doing stuff. Unlike a puppy, this gives clients insight into real-time behaviors and feelings. Just like a puppy, the Sound Wave will ruin your carpets.

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Sound Stage

Our consumer connect and immersion approaches have resulted in us doing live groups on stage in front of thousands, to spending weekends with brand managers doing parkour. In this time, we've learned that people will happily tell you anything, even with thousands viewing...and that clients can’t jump.

Amplifying Brands

The Sound exists to deliver the insight and inspiration to create and build brands. We do this through insightful consumer research and our proprietary innovation processes and brand models. Ironically, unlike our approaches, this paragraph is a bit boring. Now it isn’t. See what we did there?

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Sound Boom

Our innovation and insight-landing processes are based around a series of principles and techniques we have stolen from big corporations and consultancies. When you ask us to help you create a new brand, unlock a strategic issue, or generate a thousand innovation ideas, you’ll probably recognize some of the approaches and tools we use. However, you’ll also see we've built our own ideas into the process, meaning it’ll be more creative, consumers will be more heavily involved, and everything, most importantly, will be based on brilliant insight. The only thing you might notice missing from our approach is the smoke and mirrors.

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Sound Structures

Our models are very clever and very serious. They help us structure our thinking and analysis and they help our clients understand how to build their brands and which equity levers to pull. Many of them are rooted in academia, and some we have created ourselves. Because our models are so academic and so clever, we find it very difficult to talk about them in a lighthearted, irreverent manner. We recommend viewing our models while listening to Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor.

Making Noise

So many smart things are said and done that don’t get noticed and hence don’t make a difference. Whether it be a result of confused thinking, lack of a narrative, poor design, over-reliance on academic constructs, or just poor presentation, too much is just ignored. The Sound produces work that is impossible to ignore.

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Sound Films

We make films for clients and we make films to be broadcast on TV. In fact, we are the only brand and research agency that makes documentaries for TV broadcast. We think this probably* means we are the best in the world at using film to bring insights to life. Watch some of our films (you might like to start chopping an onion so you have an excuse…) *definitely.

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Sound Thinking

Culture, people, and brands are constantly evolving; new trends and new tensions emerge all the time. We seek to make sense of this stuff and hence produce reports and documentaries for our clients to enjoy. If you want to enjoy this too, just become one of our clients - it’s easy to do and you’ll love it.

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Sound Sessions

The Sound has offices around the world. Each office runs at least 2 Sound Sessions a year, meaning if you want, you could attend one almost every month. At these sessions, we invite real experts to come along and tell us about their experiences and views on the world.

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The Sound believes in sharing knowledge. If you'd like access to our reports on people, culture and brands and be able to watch our documentaries (and even be invited to an event or two) then simply sign up below. Don't forget to click the 'I consent' button. Thanks!

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