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Digital dating narrows choices and stifles self-determined romance

Brands in the matchmaking business are assuming roles that were once played by parents. These days it’s the apps that have all the answers on who you should date rather than mom or dad. How can brands better connect all of the singles looking to mingle? They should aspire to be more than mere matchmakers.

Dating apps have an opportunity to expand their role in modern love beyond making introductions. Singles don’t just need to find each other—they need personalized recommendations on romantic restaurants, films for Netflix & Chilling, or vacation destinations perfect for fledgling lovebirds.

Cuffing season is upon us! Rather than merely fielding applications for seasonal paramours, brands should work to move romance out of people’s DMs and into their hearts.




Will real climate action need to wait for the next generation’s smart cities?

Greta Thunberg dismisses the COP26 conference as a “global north greenwash.” Gen Z and Millennials are significantly more engaged with the issue than those currently in power. 69% of all Americans think businesses and corporations aren’t doing their part. Eco-anxiety has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The Climate Psychology Alliance finds climate anxiety interferes with the day-to-day lives of 42% of youth in the UK

Yep, it’s become pretty clear, our climate is in crisis.

Reports suggest that future cities will need to be smart to keep us alive, and even medium-term projections for the coming Smart Energy Consumer in 2035 signal a complete shift in our economies as Gen Alpha comes of age.

It seems the crisis won’t be solved by politicians in closed rooms. Younger generations will bear the burden of climate change, but also be the source of the new technologies and environments that will save us, and brands need to play a role.




Could seaweed be the answer to single-use plastics? Sway is piloting compostable plastic bags with major retailers in 2022.





Being antiracist is active, not passive. It requires learning, unlearning, constant reassessment, and action – there are no days off, so let’s keep it up.

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