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Could the future space for advertising literally be… in your dreams?

Are you one of those whose New Year goal includes getting a better night’s sleep? In the last few years, the reported benefits of healthy sleep habits have spurred the release of numerous apps and devices to help you track, customize, and optimize your shut-eye time. Now researchers in dream science have developed dream-incubation stimuli for companies and brands to become top of mind while you slumber.

While dream engineering is not a new phenomenon it’s only recently that scientists are exploring the myriad of potential benefits it holds. But scientists also warn of the potential detriment of brands getting involved in this space, saying “dream hacking [is] a potential threat to our memories, and very sense of self”. It brings up interesting questions on the ethics of what spaces – both internal and external – brands should be allowed to use to connect with their audience.



Are brands thinking fashion-forward or just fashion-survive?

Mastering digital and investing in sustainability may have kept fashion brands rolling up their sleeves in 2021, but now it’s time for them to put on their thinking cap.

Fancy or casual, simple or overstated, our individual clothing preferences aren’t cut from the same cloth. But regardless of what’s trendy, we’ve all become more self-assured in what we like to wear. Brands need to cater to confident dressers who will take clothing and fashion… forward.

How will they successfully continue to bring comfortable and fresh fashion to the market while also promising consistency…and, paradoxically, the possibility of post-pandemic fashion grandeur?



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The Open-Source Afro Hair Library, changing the game in esports representation.




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We waste more than 90% of what we use. It’s time to change how we think.


We’re Hiring.

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Intrepid and Ingenious… seeks force of nature check out our current global job opportunities here.


New Look for “Last Month at The Sound” Coming Soon!

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