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TikTok Is Forcing Fashion Off Its High Horse

Young TikTokers spend a lot of time on the platform because…quite frankly, it’s fun. It lifts their spirits. It gives creators from a diverse range of communities complete control of their content. And engagement is highest when influencers are teaching something and being helpful to their Gen Z audiences. 

Luxury fashion’s highly edited, highly polished, highly produced ad content could not be more out of place.

Some luxury fashion brands are leading on TikTok but our take is that the platform will continue to set the rules of engagement. Luxury brands will either work hard to bring a new and authentic dimension to their brand personality that TikTok can uniquely express…or flop. 



Netflix movie "Don't look up."

In All Seriousness, Climate Change Needs More Jokes

What can a climate-change parable about how society chooses to ignore impending danger teach us about ourselves? That we need the funny and farcical to rise to the challenge. 

After setting a record for most views in a single week, Netflix confirmed that the apocalyptic comedy ‘Don’t Look Up,’ has become the second most-watched original movie in the company’s history.

Yes, the movie’s star studded cast had something to do with that, but most definitely comedy director Adam McKay did too. Former Saturday Night Live writer, director of Anchorman and Step Brothers, McKay knows how to tickle our funny bones. 

Whatever the reason people started streaming ‘Don’t Look Up,’ the even better news is they kept watching. Laughing is learning. At a time when people are so done with ‘’unprecedented” bad news, using humor to make sure people don’t look away makes the impact of McKay’s film on climate denial culture likely to last.



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