As the cultural landscape continuously morphs, vital issues often get lost in the noise or swallowed up completely. Our natural instinct is to quiet clamor and move on with our lives, but The Sound knows that it’s imperative to continue to increase the awareness around topics that are too damn important to be ignored; that’s why we’re launching ???????????? | ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????.

It’s no mistake that the name expresses the idea of an emergency beacon, urgently and beseechingly calling focus to topics that demand attention, warrant discussion, and require action. We care about bringing these issues to the forefront, holding them there, and keeping the momentum.

SOS will serve as an editorial outlet for Sounders seeking to champion these causes – unearthing and uprooting perspectives, perceptions, and misconceptions that affect all of us.


In the inaugural piece from SOS | Sound of Society: ‘Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t’, we tackle the complicated idea of compliance as it relates to law enforcement interactions with people of color. 

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