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March 19, 2020

Brands Give A Boost: Empathy Amid Coronavirus

COVID-19 is no match for the human spirit. Every day we are seeing acts of kindness, empathy and connection on an unprecedented scale. Around the world people are coming together as a community to support and lift each other up, and some smart brands are helping them do it.

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Cultural Insights

February 6, 2020

Generation Z Report: 6 Insights for Brands 2020

We've spent almost 10 years getting familiar with Generation Z and made it our mission to understand who they are, what matters to them and why it will matter to you. Want to better understand Gen Z and its implications for brands? Check out our new report Gen Edge: Refresh.

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Cultural Insights

December 11, 2019

Fascinatingly Familiar

The Sound has spent years combing the globe for interesting movements emerging on the fringes of culture. But to start the next decade we decided to look closer at the everyday.

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Beauty & Wellness

August 20, 2019

The Edge of Gender

Gen Edge is arguably the first gender-fluid generation. So you might be asking yourself, what business does a 37-year-old cis straight woman have writing about...

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Cultural Insights

August 29, 2018

Why We Use Documentaries to Help Marketers

Documentary filmmaking is hot right now. As the means to make a movie get cheaper, and people better understand what kinds of stories are worth telling, the appetite for nonfiction storytelling on our various screens has grown. And while stories about, say, pop stars who died young and tragically or delightful animals in their natural environments certainly sell, there’s plenty of room to innovate and see what else we can learn by following around interesting people and documenting what happens.

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