woman in face mask looks around fearfully on a rainy street

October 19, 2020

The Sound of Quarantine 2020

The world as we knew it may never be the same. This pandemic has turned our lives upside down making us vulnerable but also showing how connected we all are. Six months into quarantine, we reveal our own unique experiences and some intimate moments showing the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

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Root tree in fire

September 29, 2020

SOS | Sound of Society

As the cultural landscape continuously morphs, vital issues often get lost in the noise or swallowed up completely. Our natural instinct is to quiet clamor...

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Home & Entertainment

April 23, 2020


At The Sound, we’re firm believers in placing humans at the center of our stories. One story that fascinates us most is the story of “home,” and how its ongoing evolution creates changing opportunities for brands.

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Cultural Insights

February 12, 2020

Girl Uninterrupted

In India, 73 million women are taking a stand, choosing to be single, to craft the life they want. Payel shares with Fascinatingly Familiar why it's not an easy choice, but it's absolutely the right choice.

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2020 Generation Z research, Gen Z brand implications, latest qualitative insights on Gen Z, understand Gen Z values, marketing to Gen Z in 2020
Cultural Insights

February 6, 2020

Generation Z Report: 6 Insights for Brands 2020

We've spent almost 10 years getting familiar with Generation Z and made it our mission to understand who they are, what matters to them and why it will matter to you. Want to better understand Gen Z and its implications for brands? Check out our new report Gen Edge: Refresh.

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