close up of young person excitedly playing video games at home

December 28, 2020

Sustaining the Boom in Home Entertainment

COVID-19 has led to an explosion of new behaviors in home entertainment. What will stick and become a ritual? And how can brands anticipate what's to come so they can shape a proactive plan for the future? The answer lies in understanding the motivations driving our new behaviors, and the shift in what we may value as a result.

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Industry Smarts

August 27, 2020

Human Motivations: Toolkit for Brands

Find new ways for your brand to understand human motivations and add value and meaning to people’s lives with our Motivation 101 Toolkit. At-home starter kit with 4 exercises will enable you and your team to explore, understand, imagine and plan ways to accelerate the growth of your brand.

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August 24, 2020

Reclaiming Relaxation During the Great Pause

As COVID-19 has forced us to slow down, we've begun to see a transformation in how and why we relax. We see people around the world taking a more holistic and proactive approach to relaxation, and a movement towards putting in the time and effort to truly "reset" ourselves. But what does this all mean as we look to the future and a world that's beginning to open up again?

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Jobs to be done of grooming: flower petals on two outstretched forearms and palms
Beauty & Wellness

July 11, 2019

Jobs to Be Done: Beauty and Grooming

The Jobs to Be Done of beauty and grooming. Turns out all those showers, shaves and new hairstyles really add up!

Let’s play a quick game. On average, how many times a month do you engage in a beauty or grooming-related behaviour? It’s kind of like guessing the number of M&Ms in a jar, but instead, counting how many times people shower. Or brush their teeth. Or take their vitamins. Or have a good laugh with friends. You get the picture.

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