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Industry Smarts

August 27, 2020

Human Motivations: Toolkit for Brands

Find new ways for your brand to understand human motivations and add value and meaning to people’s lives with our Motivation 101 Toolkit. At-home starter kit with 4 exercises will enable you and your team to explore, understand, imagine and plan ways to accelerate the growth of your brand.

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July 23, 2020

Sex in the Time of Covid-19

The headlines tell us about how Covid-19 has impacted businesses and the boardroom...but what about the bedroom? What's the number one biggest sexual behavior change expected post-COVID? Our quantitative exploration (inclusive of a proprietary survey) has illuminated an eye-opening new reality that is equal parts startling and hopeful. Download the report inside!

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April 23, 2020


At The Sound, we’re firm believers in placing humans at the center of our stories. One story that fascinates us most is the story of “home,” and how its ongoing evolution creates changing opportunities for brands.

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Mom Crimes
Cultural Insights

November 20, 2019

Mom Crimes

We’re all about that human on human insight; that consumer behaviour research that makes one lean back and interlock the fingers across the belly, musing...

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Gen Z

August 20, 2019

The Edge of Gender

Gen Edge is arguably the first gender-fluid generation. So you might be asking yourself, what business does a 37-year-old cis straight woman have writing about...

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