Cultural Insights

September 24, 2021

Exploring Low/No Alcohol Growth in Asia

Low and No Alcohol growth rates in Asia have typically been the same as the West. However, the region’s unique social and cultural context, along with its complicatedrelationship with alcohol,means that the reasons for that growth may not be the same. So what are the unique demands that L/NA is meeting in the market? And what category assumptions should alcohol brands be avoiding to ensure success in the region?

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black man raises his beer mug to someone he is having a conversation with on an ipad

May 5, 2021

Studying Connection in the Age of COVID

In case you missed it, Check out our latest piece, “Exploring Connection in the age of COVID,” a conversation with Katie Survance of Constellation Brands International. first presented at the MRS Digital Ethnography Summit 2021.

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image of wellbeing natural food convention
Cultural Insights

March 20, 2019

Natural Products

Expo West: event summary Earlier this month, Jerusha Bennett, Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation at The Sound’s Chicago office, had a blast attending the...

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