Pet Edition

We have over 20 crazy pet parents in our team, so as you can imagine, animals have featured heavily in the entertainment side of things these past few weeks. Some of the shares have had us crying with laughter so we decided to create this special Pet Edition of The Antidote to share the furry laughter and love with you.

The Antidote is our way of navigating the surreal and strange waters of this unsettling new reality. Born from our need to have some positive distraction, laughter and heart-soaring moments as we witness humanity at its best, our team started sharing all the different things we found that lifted our spirits, brightened our days and made lockdown a little less lonely.

We’ve been inspired and uplifted by all the stories emerging of people, communities and brands doing amazing things to come together, make a difference and take care of each other and rather than keep them to ourselves, we wanted to share our moments of inspiration, entertainment and escape in the hopes they might lift you too.


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