The Pandemic has led to an explosion in the number of cat owners entering the category for the first time and embarking on a decision-making journey to find the perfect food for their pet.  It’s also triggered a high number of existing cat owners back into the decision-making journey due to a perfect storm of manufacturing challenges, supply chain disruptions and a shift in owner attitudes and behaviours towards their pet’s food.  

With the seemingly limitless choice and little by way of navigation and support for owners in making the right choice, we decided to explore the decision-making journey from the pet owner’s perspective.  

What we learned is that cat food is a decision journey ripe with opportunities for cat food brands to not just inspire, inform and influence cat owners in the moments that matter, but support and empower them to make easy choices that put their cat’s health and wellbeing front and centre.

From exploring belief formation, mapping ecosystems of influence, understanding choice architecture or gaining insight into every stage of the multi-faceted, multi-channel journey, we learned curiosity isn’t just for cats.


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Written By:
Elizabeth Lockwood

Elizabeth heads our UK team and specialises in helping brands earn attention, build trust and inspire loyalty. A blend of behaviourist and strategist, she’s at her best breaking down complex business, brand and communications challenges and getting people to rally around the right strategy to drive engagement and growth. She's The Sound's expert in all things pet and can often be found nose deep in anything to do with animal behaviour and the human/pet dynamic. She loves to write, run and have afternoon naps in the sun with her oversized Maine Coon Archie.

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