COVID-19 is showing how connected our societies are; people are coming together as a community and showing an incredible level of empathy.

Brands that are intertwined in our lives are stepping up in ways that go far beyond just marketing, using their creativity and expertise to help lift people up and go far beyond simply selling products.


New York Times and Washington Post 

Allowing people to skip the paywall and giving free access to their COVID-19 hourly updates. Helping to spread accurate information about the virus, stories about how to stay safe and cope, as well as, what institutions are doing to combat the epidemics.


Giving away free premium memberships during their quarantine to help encourage Italians to stay indoors and making their quarantine stays more *ahem* enjoyable.

Postmates, DoorDash & Grubhub

Still offering delivery options but attempting to maintain a “social distance” by instituting contactless delivery. This not only helps delivery people and restaurants stay afloat, but also helping people who do not know how to cook.


Offering free storage to college students who have had to suddenly move home amid the outbreak. This helps alleviate at least one decision for students as they readjust to what the rest of their semester will be like.

Louis Vuitton

Halting the production of perfume and using that facility to make sanitizer for a donation. There is currently a shortage of sanitizer in medical facilities and LV is bringing an out of the box solution.


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Written By:
Issa Braithwaite

Issa has over three years of consumer insights and product management experience. He has spent years understanding consumer behavior, as well as, the relationship between individuals and brands. For him, it's about exploring the infinite space in between the unseen that excites him. Understanding behavior, attitudes, and motivations that draw people to products and brands is why he loves The Sound.  
Issa has degrees in Finance and Behavioral Economics from Ohio University, as well as, an MBA from the University of British Columbia. As an avid sailor, he can not wait for restrictions to be lifted so he can back on the water

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