A fresh perspective feels good. Especially if the old perspective is holding you back. We’ve helped brands that span from butter to boots to sort out the best way to re-engage their audience and regain their icon status. We start by getting to the heart of what people have always loved and then reimagine how that can play in a new cultural context.


Quantitative data can help show us clusters of people who share attitudes and behaviors. However, qualitative illumination can turn these statistics into stories. We take the bones of data and humanity and stories, so these segments become more than targets… they are in fact living, breathing people your brand is working in service of!


Sometimes a brand needs to stop and think about the business it’s really in. A brand with Purpose isn’t simply focused on what it makes or sells. It knows it’s meaningful reason for being in people’s lives. And the North star it uses to make decisions from communication to innovation to partnerships and promotions. We help brands discover their Purpose by examining consumers and culture, the category and the company to see what ties it all together and gives the team an insightful and inspiring reason for being.


Insights and ideas are rarely revealed from behind a desk. So when we are after a glimpse into the future we hit the road. Trend Trekking can take us anywhere from the streets of Tokyo to sweat lodges in Taos. Whether your working in skincare, spirits or snacks it’s always worthwhile to pack your camera, journal and a good pair of walking shoes for these exciting excursions that show us where inspiration for new possibilities may emerge.


How a category currently communicates is sometimes the first step to understanding how your brand should think and behave. Deeply examining the current codes and cues that define a category, help us determine which conventions are ready to be busted and which we must not lose sight of in the development of new ideas. Projects like these involve thoughtful analysis of the language and imagery and a mapping of the possibilities for your brand.


We don’t believe ‘if you build it they will come.’ We believe that the best innovations live at the intersection of possibility and problems. Looking at both sides of the innovation equation can make for some cool ideas for your business. So, we start here and then develop dig sites we mine again and again for ideation. Ideas can then be plotted from those closest in to those that necessitate a bit more leg work to launch. Regardless… you can start seeing all the possibilities that will draw a crowd.


Some agencies ‘test’ creative. We believe in helping to optimize. In fact, we’ve been told The Sound speaks ‘creative agency’ like it’s our first language. It’s because we work hard to get beyond a simple thumbs up or down on communication or creative output; digging into what it’s communicating, how important that is to people and most importantly, the impact it has on your brand.


How far can a brand stretch? It’s a question some of our smartest, most forward-thinking clients challenge us to answer. What is true now doesn’t mean it’s true forever. So, we start by deeply understanding where a brand is anchored today and then begin imagining where it can go in the future. We know it can’t happen overnight so we provide a plan that maps how to get from point A to B and the strategic imperatives you need to nail at each stage.


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