Our exploration into empathy continues with Cameca, who has found inspiration in an Instagram influencer to help bring confidence to her daily routine.

“A whopping 62 percent of the women said they follow beauty influencers on social media. When asked where they seek information about beauty products prior to purchasing them, social media influencers ranked highest at nearly 67 percent, followed by third-party product reviews at 59 percent, and beauty professionals at 55 percent. Company advertisements ranked much lower at 44 percent, and public figures and celebrities garnered only 34 percent.”

How Influencers Are Making Over Beauty Marketing

Cameca: See, I think I knew makeup before, but all I really did was, like, put on mascara, eyeshadow, and lipgloss. There was no thought to like, foundation, or like, “building a look” and contouring and all these concepts so, now, I’m like really learning.

I follow a couple of beauty bloggers on Instagram. Instagram is like a credible research source, for me. I felt like I was looking at women who were using makeup in ways and I was like “Wow, how come I never knew that?”


“The beauty brands making waves today are talking with their audience, not at them. That translates to branded photos and videos that portray a lifestyle, that feel organic, and that embody the message.”

Instagram Brands: Redefining the Beauty Industry

Cameca: One of the things with makeup, particularly, was that I’ve always been a little timid because of my freckles. Like, I don’t know if you’re familiar with like, Nikia Pheonix; she looks very similar to me. So, um, she’s someone that I tend to pay attention to certain things that she wears and makeup that she’ll apply. She seems to be very confident. So, I’ve learned that you know what, I can wear a bright color and I can, you know, do all these fancy things that people do and still look despite the fact that I have these spots all over my face because she’s done it and looked great.

Yeah, every now and then she tries like different makeup looks like, and I was just like looking at it. Like, even the eye shadow; I’ve never worn colored eyeshadow in my life. Because with makeup you don’t know until you try it. She wears like, red lipstick which I used to never do. But now, now I’m willing to try it. Once I tried it it worked really well and I was like “Well, this feels good!”.

Next time you see a lady with a full face of makeup you’ll have a new appreciation!


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