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Team members giving a high-five

October 12, 2022

Let’s Get Back Out There!

Our recent ventures back into the IRL field reminded us that when we’re aiming to build empathy with people, nothing compares to meeting them in their world.

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Industry Smarts

September 14, 2022

Affinity Programs

  Loyalty and retention have never been more essential for maintaining consistent revenue streams. In so many critical industries – whether entertainment or retail, dating...

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black woman wearing sunglasses
Industry Smarts

August 2, 2022

What We Do

‘So what do you do?’. The question we all get asked and probably usually answer by describing what we don’t do… Like ‘no, not advertising’.

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An African American woman drinks a non alcoholic wine
Cultural Insights

July 12, 2022

Why Is Sober Curious the New Cool?

The sober curious movement has taken the world by storm, and is only growing in popularity within North America. We wanted to know more about the whys behind this shift … and what people are choosing to sip instead. So we spoke with 25-year-old Hope Woodard about her entrance into the world of the sober curious, and her feelings on the movement.

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person kneeling on a mountain taking a photo of a mountain range

March 17, 2022

The Sound of Sabbatical

When joining The Sound in 2014, I was immediately attracted to a delightfully unique company perk: after five years with the company, employees are rewarded...

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