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Beauty & Wellness

July 23, 2021

The Changing Face of Masculinity in India

The male grooming market in India, valued at INR 140.50 Bn in 2018, is expected to grow to INR 319.82 Bn by 2024 with an annual growth rate of 15.14% during the forecast period 2018-2024.
We decided to take a closer look… to understand the evolving notions of masculinity in India and what it means for men and their engagement with the beauty/personal care category.

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happy person holding up a confused looking cat
Industry Smarts

June 2, 2021

The Cat Food Decision Making Journey

Understanding the psychology and behaviour behind each facet of the cat food decision-making journey to help brands understand exactly how to influence the cat owner at the right time, in the right place and at just the right moment.

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black man raises his beer mug to someone he is having a conversation with on an ipad

May 5, 2021

Studying Connection in the Age of COVID

In case you missed it, Check out our latest piece, “Exploring Connection in the age of COVID,” a conversation with Katie Survance of Constellation Brands International. first presented at the MRS Digital Ethnography Summit 2021.

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Cultural Insights

February 11, 2021

The Future Of Retail: What’s In Store For In-Store

The pandemic has been, and continues to be a challenging time for brands and businesses across all categories. Lately, we’ve been thinking about what it means for the future of retail. Does the ramped up shift from in-store to online shopping over the past ten months cue doom and gloom for brick and mortar in the future?

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