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time to strengthen your brand if it feels like you are playing jenga
Industry Smarts

November 16, 2022

Time To Strengthen Your Brand

When is the right time to strengthen your brand? The short answer? Right now. Savvy marketers know that when there are challenges in their category, or sector, or even the entire market, there’s a huge opportunity to not only master your marketing but emerge even stronger when things go back to normal. Now is the time to strengthen your brand.

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Get back out there: Team members giving a high-five

October 12, 2022

Get Back Out There!

So, do you miss it? Do you miss having a participant’s cat crawl up on your lap as you’re observing an in-home ethnography? Do you miss having an impromptu analysis session with your moderator to post a full night of IDIs? Do you miss watching a focus group from behind a mirror and witnessing in person people’s gut reactions to a new ad campaign?

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Loyalty and Retention: an online shopper
Industry Smarts

September 14, 2022

Loyalty and Retention

Loyalty and retention have never been more essential for maintaining consistent revenue streams. In so many critical industries – whether entertainment or retail, dating or dining, beauty or fitness – service subscribers have a breathtaking range of competing (and compelling) options to choose from.

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black woman wearing sunglasses
Industry Smarts

August 2, 2022

What We Do

‘So what do you do?’. The question we all get asked and probably usually answer by describing what we don’t do… Like ‘no, not advertising’.

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An African American woman drinks a non alcoholic wine: Sober Curious
Cultural Insights

July 12, 2022

Why Is Sober Curious the New Cool?

The sober curious movement has taken the world by storm, and is only growing in popularity within North America. We wanted to know more about the whys behind this shift … and what people are choosing to sip instead. So we spoke with 25-year-old Hope Woodard about her entrance into the world of the sober curious, and her feelings on the movement.

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person kneeling on a mountain taking a photo of a mountain range

March 17, 2022

The Sound of Sabbatical

When joining The Sound in 2014, I was immediately attracted to a delightfully unique company perk: after five years with the company, employees are rewarded...

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