Undeniably, and thrillingly, we have entered the Age of Asia. We are living through a time of huge expansion and growth in the global significance and power of Asia.

Very much at the heart of this ‘supercontinent’ and its success is China. As such, it is critical for all global brands to meaningfully, respectfully, and empathetically understand the extraordinarily diverse and nuanced population that is China. Since our infancy, The Sound has been helping our partners and clients to succeed in China.

Because, China is Ascendant.

China is in a period of total evolution, innovation, confidence and patriotism.

Actively engaging throughout the world, both diplomatically, and via heavy investment in business and infrastructure, China is focusing all their energy and resources on achieving global dominance.

Stepping into the vacuum left by other nations, particularly the United States, it is imperative to enter the Chinese market with deep, meaningful understanding of this complex market and its ongoing and evolving relationship with luxury.

We believe there are five foundational pillars to understand when seeking to connect with this critical luxury consumer.

  1. KOLs
  2. Internal & External Validation
  3. Luxury Codes & Cues
  4. Generation Tech
  5. Domestic Luxury


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