The challenge:

A huge global manufacturer of cleaning supplies realized that they had a blindspot in the company’s robust understanding of home, bathroom, and hard surface cleaning . Specifically: the behind-the-curtain experience of those humans who bathe and clean…  at the same time. This client came to us to help them dive into the entire experience of cleaning in the shower… in order to better leverage their portfolio to play in that space. 

The approach:

To get to insights rooted in culture, behavior, and untapped opportunity, we went where very few research projects ever go: into the shower with consumers. We sent waterproof phone cases to humans in four countries across the globe and asked them to videotape themselves in the shower… capturing intimate, nuanced, in-the-moment behaviors that are illusive during face-to-face research. We explored bathing behaviors, cultural perceptions of dirt, germs and cleaners on bodies vs. bathrooms… and the delights and pain points of the entire process. From there, we did in-home deep dives to further probe on what we were seeing — and finished up the project with a beautiful, in-depth journey map: showing our client all the places they could play along the way.

The impact:

We were able to bring this sensitive topic to life in a refreshing, fun, inspiring way for our clients — inspiring them to completely rethink the way they position their products in markets across the globe. Instead of telling them what consumers do, we were able to truly show them… helping them rethink their portfolio, their innovation pipeline and the way they talk about their products going forward. 

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The Sound

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