The sober curious movement has taken the world by storm, and is only growing in popularity in North America. We wanted to know more about the whys behind this shift … and what people are choosing to sip instead. So we spoke with 25-year-old Hope Woodard about her entrance into the world of the sober curious. Check out Hope’s story here!

Hope from The Sound on Vimeo.

Hope also gave us the insider scoop on what she’s choosing to drink, sharing with us the non-alcoholic brands that best fit her new lifestyle! Check out her picks here.

Hope: Favorite Brands from The Sound on Vimeo.

Written By:
Sonja Socknat

Sonja is a graduate of Miami Ad School’s Strategy and Account Planning program, which is where she became intrigued with qualie life. She also holds a B.A. in Semiotics from the University of Toronto. Her background in the arts has taught her to always delve into the human emotions of a topic, and that everyone has a unique and valid perspective - if you just ask. She currently resides in Chicago with 25 of her favorite plants.

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