Food & Beverage

January 28, 2021

Oat Milk and the Choices We Make

The recent rise and staying power of oat milk has shown how we are taking actions toward sustainability, and how these motivations, while they lead to the same place, are very different and worth investigating.

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child getting a haircut looking unimpressed
Beauty & Wellness

April 29, 2020

Hair Care: How Lockdown Is Fuelling

COVID-19 has given home hair color and cutting brands the perfect opportunity to access people who would never normally color or cut their hair at home. After food and toilet paper, hair dye and hairdressing tools are fast becoming hot products during the lockdown.

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image of wellbeing natural food convention
Cultural Insights

March 20, 2019

Natural Products

Expo West: event summary Earlier this month, Jerusha Bennett, Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation at The Sound’s Chicago office, had a blast attending the...

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