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Change the system not the woman: woman jumping in the air while holding a red umbrella against a yellow background
Cultural Insights

March 7, 2023

Change the System Not the Woman: IWD

To recognize International Women's Day... The Sound sat down with Geraldine Gallacher, CEO of the Executive Coaching Consultancy, to discuss gender, female leadership styles, the Double Bind Dilemma, and why young women early in their careers need to be building strong female support networks.

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black man in suit hailing yellow taxi
Cultural Insights

February 24, 2023

Black History Month: Pass the Mic

Post-summer of 2020, there were many calls to get ‘The Right People in the Room’. While that was a good start, the push needs to be about giving Black people the space and support to have their voices heard and shared… because what does it matter if you’re in the room, if no one passes you the mic.

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Get back out there: Team members giving a high-five

October 12, 2022

Get Back Out There!

So, do you miss it? Do you miss having a participant’s cat crawl up on your lap as you’re observing an in-home ethnography? Do you miss having an impromptu analysis session with your moderator to post a full night of IDIs? Do you miss watching a focus group from behind a mirror and witnessing in person people’s gut reactions to a new ad campaign?

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