There’s been a LOT of talk around how strange and surreal life is in the time of COVID-19, but very little about its impact on our canine companions.

Life in the time of COVID-19 is indeed a strange and surreal reality. It’s causing seismic shifts in the way we human beings live and interact with each other, but it’s also causing not-so-subtle shifts in the way we live and interact with our pets. 

There can be no doubt that attitudes, behaviours and relationships between humans and animals are rapidly evolving. Some evolutions have led to wonderful consequences; we’ve seen the greatest increase in animal rehoming and adoption in living history, and we’ve witnessed people around the world giving up some of their own limited food supply to ensure stray animals don’t starve.

But some evolutions are having less than stellar consequences; our time in isolated captivity has played havoc with our pets routines, domains and feeding habits. Around the world, Pet Parents are facing a plethora of new challenges and choices as they strive to keep their pets healthy and happy amid the ongoing crisis; experiencing new and amplified tensions as they try to navigate Pet Parenting in a Pandemic.


We’ve taken a look at 10 key tensions Dog Parents are experiencing right now, and the challenges and opportunities they present for brands.


Pet Parenting in a Pandemic: Dog Edition

Check out our 10 key tensions that Cat Parents are experiencing.


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Our in-depth report exploring two of the key tensions: 

1. The evolving relationship dynamics between pets and their parents (its impact on everything from food to health insurance choices)

2. The shifting attitudes and behaviours towards trialling different foods and diets (the opportunities they present for food brands to create new habitual customers)


A Moment to Paws

Our passion for pets is deep-rooted. Our team of researchers, strategists and innovators are also adoring Pet Parents; when we’re not knee-deep exploring all things pet for our clients, we’re having fun exploring and experimenting with ideas and innovations of our own.


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