The strategy and innovation “hall of fame” is full of big ideas and bold strategies that are used to inspire teams to think bigger and pursue category-defining opportunities. But, those same teams are often met with resistance, leading to new ideas being killed before they ever really had a chance to succeed…

And, rightly so. Businesses in every industry are grappling with operating environments that are increasingly volatile and uncertain. Pursuing a big, potentially groundbreaking idea that requires investment today, without immediate payoff, is a hard sell.

What if we could use signals from tomorrow, to make better decisions today?

That’s where The Sound comes in.

We’ll help you imagine possibilities you might otherwise overlook, and work with you to proactively overcome barriers that would prevent your business from acting on strategy and innovation ideas.

Our strategic foresight practice helps teams break out of today’s frame, develop a clearer picture of tomorrow, identify compelling opportunities, and then chart a path back to today – making the roadmap toward desired futures, and future opportunities, actionable and clear.

Our typical approach involves:

  • Scanning the horizon for emerging trends and signals
  • Analyzing patterns and thematic clusters to establish the contours of opportunity spaces
  • Meaningful interactions with real people who are at the forefront of emerging change
  • Using scenarios and provocative visions of the future to create strategy and innovation ideas and improve decision-making
  • Pressure-testing and modeling to build confidence in new ideas and visions of the future
  • Backcasting and road-mapping to build clear and actionable guideposts toward the future

After collaborating with us, you can expect a Strategy and Innovation playbook that:

  • Immerses your team in the trends and signals that will impact your business for years to come
  • Offers compelling and provocative visions of the future, helping your team imagine the future contexts they could be innovating against or operating within
  • Includes immediately actionable innovation ideas and strategies
  • Provides a clear roadmap that helps you manage and track your progress toward desired futures and future opportunities

Take a closer look at how we approach strategic foresight in the presentation below. Not only does it explain how our process works, but why a future-oriented approach is so critical when looking to identify big ideas, and proactively defend them within your organization.

Foresight NB Mini Proposal


Sound interesting? We’d love to work with you. Get in touch and we’ll chat about how to get things started.

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Written By:
David Akermanis

David has a 12 year professional strategy background in brand strategy, design, and consulting. Since joining The Sound, he has been applying his knowledge of strategic foresight methods to help organizations design for, and capitalize on the future. David enjoys both ambiguous/complex problems and ruthless simplicity. He loves a good strategy framework, and loves breaking/bending them even more. David holds a Master’s of Design, specializing in strategic foresight & innovation.

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