Gen Z vs Millennials: The oldest Millennials keep growing further from the light of youth. On the internet, “Millennial” tends to function as a catch-all for anyone in the age of youth.

And even when these generations are named differently, people still tend to believe they are the same. Common ground is often their protest against Boomers. Google it and you can find a meme or two about Gen Z and Millennials banding together to fight Boomers. “Ok Boomer” meme has become their endlessly repeated retort to the problem of older people who just don’t get them.

At first glance, Gen Z don’t seem to be too detached from Millennials. But it’s not difficult to see how big the gulf in worldview is between them. Just look at the worlds they have been growing up in:


Balance of Crisis and Opportunity.


Mostly just a world in crisis with opportunity in shorter supply.


Some say that the 20 somethings of today are the same as the 20 somethings from 20 years ago. At a human need level that’s probably correct. But generations are different because they grow up with different cultural climates (and other influences, take technology as an example) shaping who they are. One set saw the transformation of space around them and the others were in their prime when revolutionary leaps were taken. So let’s dive into the six ways these generations differ. Gen Z vs Millennials:

Millennials vs Gen Z

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