Loyalty and retention have never been more essential for maintaining consistent revenue streams.

In so many critical industries – whether entertainment or retail, dating or dining, beauty or fitness – service subscribers have a breathtaking range of competing (and compelling) options to choose from.

And it’s plain to see that platform loyalty is not always strong. Some subscribers shift their loyalties when “the next big thing” enters the market. Others go to whoever provides the best option for their schedules and budgets. Others see subscriptions as interchangeable and switch platforms to secure marginal benefits.

At the same time, loyalists remain. They understand the benefits of their subscriptions and cherish the familiarity of their platforms.

The challenge is to move as many people as possible from disengagement and lukewarm commitment to firm loyalty.

That’s where The Sound comes in.

We offer a tried-and-tested approach for optimizing your company’s loyalty and retention strategy. We’ve applied our methods to diverse industries. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies re-tool their approach to subscriber loyalty.

Now we want to work with you.

Our approach rests on three analytical pillars:
  • Diagnosing retention risk
  • Calculating subscriber lifetime value
  • Unearthing platform use drivers
After collaborating with us, you can expect a strategy playbook:
  • Secure commitment
  • Reach high-value subscribers
  • Enhance platform experience

Take a closer look at how we approach loyalty in the deck below. You’ll find tons of great detail about project scope and organization there.

The Sound_Optimizing Lifetime Value_2022


Sound interesting? We’d love to work with you. Get in touch and we’ll chat about how to get things started. We’re excited to move forward together!

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Written By:
Matthew Lauer

Matt has 15 years of professional research experience that spans government, academia, and market research organizations, serving clients operating in incredibly challenging business contexts at all stages of the value chain. He is an expert in survey design and passionate about developing business intelligence solutions that combine the best of fields and methods that fail to speak with each other all too often: survey research, history, and intelligence extrapolation.

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