There has been an explosion of new behaviors in home entertainment during the pandemic, leaving us with big questions around what will last for the long term.

With so much uncertainty for the future, the knee-jerk reaction is often to ride out the storm, or to “wait it out” and see where the dust settles (or what sticks) before making the next move. No one wants to invest without clarity of the path ahead.


But What If We Told You There Was a Way to Anticipate What’s to Come?

While our situations may change (meaning: a global pandemic), our core motivations remain constant, and deeply understanding the motivations driving our new behaviors–and the shifts in what we may value as a result–are the key to getting your brand ahead, and planning for tomorrow.

They say the best way to predict the future is to understand the past. This isn’t our first pandemic, nor will it be our last. Pandemics have the power to change society and bring about deep cultural shifts–and we’re starting to see these shifts emerge across our motivation areas.

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Our Deep Dive into Motivations & Home Entertainment

At The Sound, we believe that while behaviors may change as a result of our situation, our motivations remain constant.  Simply, the pandemic has impacted how we satisfy our motivations—with new products, services, and solutions—but it has not changed fundamentally who we are or what drives us.

Foundational research has illuminated 12 motivation “areas.” In the early stages of the pandemic, we noticed changes around Home Entertainment behaviors in relation to 4 motivations in particular: Transform & Evolve, Engage & Bond, Reset & Rejuvenate, and Be Responsible & Reliable.


home entertainment motivations wheel


What we Found

In the short term, we have adapted our behaviors to get through. In the early months, we found “quick fixes” to address what we thought would be a temporary situation. With the realization that there would be no “return to normal” and that life must go on, we are adjusting what we do to get through this period.

The great pause has allowed us the time and space to be present and deeply reflect, reevaluate what is truly important and reset ourselves, and—out of necessity—be more real with each other, exposing our vulnerabilities and showing our humanity. 

Our core motivations haven’t changed…they’ve intensified and become more purposeful, revealing shifts in what we may value for the longer term.

Time will allow for many of these new shifts to take root in a post-pandemic world.


diagram depicting the 3 stages of the pandemic and our reactions to it


What This Means for Home Entertainment Brands

As we live in a world forever changed, those who design for human motivations will control their destiny.

Ask yourself…
  1. What is the core motivation behind engagement with your brand today?
  2. What motivation(s) could your brand better satisfy tomorrow?
  3. And how can you leverage motivations and the shifts in what we may value to shape communications and innovations to meet expectations in a post-pandemic world?

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Take the Next Step

While there’s a lot of uncertainty around the future, we can be proactive and get ahead of what’s to come. The Motivations Map is a powerful yet easy and intuitive tool that can help your brand design for a longer-term solution, and successfully plan for tomorrow.

Enjoyed the work and curious about what it could mean for your brand or business? Give us a shout at or contact us here and in the meantime here’s more about Our Approach to Creative Analytics!


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