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Industry Smarts

August 27, 2020

Human Motivations: Toolkit for Brands

Find new ways for your brand to understand human motivations and add value and meaning to people’s lives with our Motivation 101 Toolkit. At-home starter kit with 4 exercises will enable you and your team to explore, understand, imagine and plan ways to accelerate the growth of your brand.

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August 24, 2020

Reclaiming Relaxation During the Great Pause

As Covid-19 has forced us to slow down, we've begun to see a transformation in how and why we relax. We see people around the world taking a more holistic and proactive approach to relaxation, and a movement towards putting in the time and effort to truly "reset" ourselves. But what does this all mean as we look to the future and a world that's beginning to open up again?

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Cultural Insights

June 18, 2020

The Pursuit of Progress During the Big Pause

During Covid-19, our desire for progress is stronger than ever, yet there’s no clear destination in sight. As the days blur together, people are engaging in new at-home entertainment behaviors to feel a sense of purpose and avoid losing this time. The Sound set off to explore these new behaviors and understand which habits will last.

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June 15, 2020

Paradoxes of Home in the Time of Covid-19

As the fixed boundaries of home are increasingly tested, the feelings associated with home (stability, creativity, belonging) are harder to achieve than ever, yet perhaps are more important than ever. Our recent exploration has unearthed several paradoxes tied to home, and in doing so, revealed opportunities for brands to help reinforce these feelings, connect to their audience and echo consumer behavior within the new boundaries created by the pandemic.

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Cultural Insights

June 9, 2020

Nostalgia: Stabilizing and Coping in Pandemic Times

How can we re-establish stability in the highly uncertain times of today? Our daily lives and routine have always provided us with a sense of stability. However, being hit by a pandemic has changed life as we knew it. Disrupted lives and looming uncertainty of a “new world” have left us in a state of flux. As we cope with the situation at hand we find ourselves leaning on Nostalgia to derive the lost sense of stability that we earlier got from our daily routines and lives.

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May 27, 2020

Sustaining the Boom in Home Entertainment

COVID-19 hasn’t changed our desires, but it has changed how we solve them. And today, in-home entertainment is witnessing a boom. But what happens when the cage door swings open? The Sound is diving deep to uncover what new twists on entertainment are hereto stay, and what’s just a temporary fix.

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March 19, 2020

Brands Give A Boost: Empathy Amid Coronavirus

COVID-19 is no match for the human spirit. Every day we are seeing acts of kindness, empathy and connection on an unprecedented scale. Around the world people are coming together as a community to support and lift each other up, and some smart brands are helping them do it.

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Gen Z

March 12, 2020

5 Surprises About Gen Z And Tech

Compared to Millennials, Gen Z’s relationship with tech is evolving. We don’t believe tech fatigue has set in but rather that there's a couple of other things at play for these mature, critical thinkers.

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