black man in suit hailing yellow taxi
Cultural Insights

February 24, 2023

Black History Month: Pass the Mic

Post-summer of 2020, there were many calls to get ‘The Right People in the Room’. While that was a good start, the push needs to be about giving Black people the space and support to have their voices heard and shared… because what does it matter if you’re in the room, if no one passes you the mic.

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Insight seekers working
Industry Smarts

December 16, 2022

Insight Seekers: A Love Letter

Insight seekers, if a consumer insight is shared with a client and it doesn't have an impact, is it truly an insight? We'd say no. As insights professionals, we can say the most beautiful, articulate, clever, and crafty things in a debrief. But if what we produce doesn’t impact our client... then what’s the point?

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time to strengthen your brand if it feels like you are playing jenga
Industry Smarts

November 16, 2022

Time To Strengthen Your Brand

When is the right time to strengthen your brand? The short answer? Right now. Savvy marketers know that when there are challenges in their category, or sector, or even the entire market, there’s a huge opportunity to not only master your marketing but emerge even stronger when things go back to normal. Now is the time to strengthen your brand.

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A woman drinking beer

November 22, 2021

How the Pandemic Changed the Way People Drink

People drink more these days (you heard it here first!), but that thirst isn’t just stronger than it was before the pandemic--it’s more complex. Brands must adapt to help people quench a steadier, not heavier, thirst among consumers on the other side of 2020.

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Industry Smarts

September 24, 2021

Cat Behaviours at the Bowl: Cat Eats the Food

Owners judge a foods success not just on whether the cat eats it but whether they visibly enjoy it. When the cat likes and consistently eats the food most people breathe a giant sigh of relief. If a brand can establish itself (both mentally and emotionally) as the go-to brand early there is a strong likelihood they will still stay in-brand.

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