Last fall, Constellation Brands partnered with The Sound to gain a deeper understanding of how people were socializing, connecting and celebrating, as bars and restaurants continue to be challenged. 

But how do you study connection at a time when everyone’s been socially distancing? And what can the lock-down experience (arguably of the largest deprivation exercises of our time) teach us about the values people have held, all along?

In case you missed it, we spoke at the MRS Digital Ethnography Summit 2021 about  “Exploring Connection in the age of COVID” with Katie Survance of Constellation Brands International.  Join Rebecca and Katie as they share how their 3-day digital diary study with 40 social butterflies from across the U.S. conveyed emotionally powerful stories of how respondents were fairing, what they missed, and what creative solutions had taken the place of traditional watering holes. Hear the reasons behind selecting the digital diary method, how effective online platforms were in yielding rich content and developing a strong story narrative, the key ah-hah moments and lessons learnt for next time.

The Sound + MRS Conference from The Sound on Vimeo.

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