Artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams built their innovative home off the coast of Vancouver Island; their fluid-structure, ever-morphing, solar energy powered, freshwater system-ed, garden covered, dance floor having, art studio holding, floating home. They have an open-door policy so The Sound dropped by for a cup of tea, a quick chat (and a spot of research!) to find some insight into why Catherine and Wayne made the choice they did (was it market conditions?), what was their strategy when building their sustainable home, and how the development has been helped and hindered by the often brutal weather conditions of Vancouver Island.

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Written By:
Dave Rees

An editor with over 2 decades worth of experience in the film industry. He has over 60 hours of network television under his belt including Showtime’s ‘The L Word,’ USA Network’s ‘The Dead Zone,’ and ‘Andromeda.’

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