The Jobs to Be Done of beauty and grooming turn out to beautifully simple.

Let’s play a quick game. On average, how many times a month do you engage in beauty or grooming-related behaviour?

It’s kind of like guessing the number of M&Ms in a jar, but instead, counting how many times people shower. Or brush their teeth. Or take their vitamins. Or have a good laugh with friends. Does working out count?  What about applying hand cream or using dental floss or lipstick?

You get the picture.

How many did you guess?

We’ll wait…

450 behaviors a month! (Were you close?) So, even if you don’t shower every day (we won’t judge), how the heck are you racking up that many other behaviours?

The Sound recently embarked on an exploration of Beauty and Grooming across the U.S., UK, India and China, talking to almost 5,000 people and uncovering a ton of insight about not only what they do, but why they do it.

Get an inside look at how we’ve woven the business theory of Jobs to Be Done into a quantitative – yes, numbers – approach that provides a human lens on the role of brands.

We uncovered the 10 ‘jobs’ people are trying to achieve in their lives where beauty and grooming products can be the solution.


Check out our film, or download the report.

You can see some other Jobs to be done work on beauty on our blog about the changing face of beauty. Or the one on reclaiming relaxation.



Written By:
Mindy Cultra

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