The end of the year is crazy!

At the hear end market research is crazy. Projects need finishing, workshops need to get squeezed in. Innovation sprints and brand plans need wrapping up. Consumer experience re-works and re-thinks. All the things. Before people disappear into holiday craziness. Us, our brand and advertising agency clients. All the people out there we want to understand and serve better.

The need for driving growth never goes away. Squeezing out the last bits of market research juice is par for the course in a month that is only really half a month.

This little video on recent projects captures some of what we’ve been up to.

What We’ve Been Up To – Dec 2022 from The Sound on Vimeo.

Things we’ve been up to include:

  • Trying to understand what urbanites want from outdoorsy experiences
  • Developing positioning idea to help a P2P payment app drive awareness and adoption
  • Unearthing innovation ideas for a retailer’s affinity program to drive membership retention and acquisition
  • Illuminating engaging content for a global social media platform to guide communication development
  • Testing positioning territories for a home goods brand to refine it’s brand promise

As usual we’ve been using a range of tools to connect with people and dig into their needs and wants. From online one-to-one interviews to in person qualitative research and larger bespoke quantitative surveys.

Jobs to be done has made a come back (if it ever went away) which is awesome.

We’ve been traveling the US and bits of Europe and also doing work in China, and dealing with some horrible travel conditions in the process!

Time for a break for everyone.

Looking forward to new challenges in 2023!


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