Scratch your curiosity itch with one of our eye-opening and thought-provoking documentaries as we explore cultures, expose issues and tell stories that need to be told. Intimate, raw and unfiltered; nothing beats a true story.

Dads (2010)

7 dads, 7 cameras, 6 months. An intimate and emotional exploration into contemporary fatherhood. From New York, Vancouver and London; our 7 dads share their experiences, challenges, fears and passions for their children. An emotional roller-coaster. (Part 1 of 2)

Dads 2.0 (2019)

Fatherhood: a decade on. We revisit our dads to understand whether the reality of fatherhood matched their initial expectations, and to explore how their relationships with their kids are evolving as they grow. Heart-warning and tear-rendering in equal measure. Part 2 of 2.

The Victorians: Modern Life is Rubbish

Meet the couple who live in a different century. Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman’s technological abandonment and desire to adhere to a long discarded way of life (c1800 England) is surprising, challenging and thought provoking. From attire to attitude they are authentically old school.

Drag Mother: Birthing a Drag Queen

To explore gender, the nature of human identity and the pressure of societal norms; Michael Alexander turned the camera on himself, and went through his own metamorphosis to transform into the female form with help from Saya Naomi, a professional drag queen. The uplifting interaction between Alexander and Saya as they guide you into the world of drag culture, is reason enough to watch.

Disunity: the Trump Trip

A road-trip through America’s Midwest to better understand the lives of the people who helped put Donald Trump in the White House. What we found was a story of an America that’s been left behind by globalization, of people ignored until it was too late and of cultural valueshift, revealing a new world of opportunity and fear. Stories, struggles, hopes and fears are revealed as we discover why Trump was their man.

Home: Living Outside the Box

Why ‘home’ matters. From the physical to the emotional, we put our feet on the ground on four continents to understand what ‘home’ means to people today. We explore how home is no longer just a physical construct, but a deeply emotional one driven by fundamental human needs. This deep dive into home takes you into the heart of what matters most.

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